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Do I need to have any specific qualification or experience to be successful as a franchisee?

NO... This Unique business platform does not require you to have any such pre-requisite. All you need is the passion for success, networking ability and the insight to select relevant products form our huge array of products as per the needs of your customer.

How does this process work once I am registered? What are the benefits?

You can refer & start earning immediately after you make the payment and within 15 days you will receive your own unique, personalized franchisee website with your unique name e.g. http// ( your link will have your unique username/company name selected by you in place of “myself” in the example). This exclusive web pages (worth 25000 INR)will be completely designed & activated for you by

Your investment will include this exclusive website and also link to our exhaustive range of more than 5000 unique gifting products & packages on our parent website. It will enable you to select & make the most relevant gifting options as per the needs of your customer. In fact our expert advisors will also help you to suggest unique gifting solutions in case of major/ corporate orders . All you need to do is to complete the sale and intimate us. The rest of the processes like manufacturing the products shortlisted, branding them & despatching them to the clients place will be done by us.

How soon will I start earning Profits?

Right from your first order you will start earning your share. ( 2% to 10% on the billing amount).This amount will be directly credited to your registered bank account via NEFT.

How do I get a Franchise?

It is very SIMPLE! Just click on the link below (Yes, I want to become a Gift Franchisee)...

Fill in the details, Make A ONE TIME PARTNER INVESTMENT OF INR 11999/- and you are good to go to the market!

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* Disclaimer: What you get out depends on how much time you put in to the right income producing activities.