• Inosept Hand Antiseptic (5 Ltr)

Inosept Hand Antiseptic (5 Ltr)

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Inosept Hand Antiseptic (5 ltr) by Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

Composion : Each 100Gms contains

2 Propanol I.P.   45gms

1-Propanol B.P.  30gms

Macetronium Ethyle Sulphate   0.2gms

Colour : Brilliant Blue FCF

Diection for Use : 

Hand and surgical disinfection : for rapid hand antisepsis apply (inosept) 3ml to 5ml on the palm, nail grooves and rub gently inbetween fingers, for 30 seconds till dry. Repeat the Procedure as and when required. 

Do not dilute (inosept in water)

Do not apply on open wounds

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